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  • Image of Handmade Stoneware Ceramic Tile - Money Magnet
  • Image of Handmade Stoneware Ceramic Tile - Money Magnet

Handmade Stoneware Ceramic Tile - Money Magnet


Money Magnet - Wealth Charm

Handmade Stoneware Tile - Framed

I am a firm believer in making your dreams come true and creating the life you want to live for yourself through positive thinking.

Could you use some extra money?
Would more wealth coming to you every day help to ease your burdens?

Just hang one of these hand carved ceramic stoneware art tiles in your home and gently touch it every time you pass by.
As you touch it, imagine Wealth coming to you from all directions.

Sit back and enjoy your riches!

The Tile is hand carved and hand glazed, then a hand silk screened decal is glazed on top. To highlight Ben's eyes I used a brighter green which gives it a nice pop.

The whole piece uses shades of green and metallic gold - The age old colors associated with money and wealth.

I made 6 of these tiles with this color version.

9.5" Wide x 9.5" Tall
Limited Edition of 6
Signed, Numbered & Dated on back
Ready To Hang
House Paint, Ink, Wood, Stoneware Clay, Glaze, Decals

Ready to display the day you get it!